Kandinsky Painting In Processing Application

Painting by Kandinsky.

And I'm supposed to use codes in Processing application to make up a section of this painting (free download of the application at http://www.processing.org/download if you're interested in checking it out).

Basically it requires some knowledge of graphs from Elementary Maths like the x and y coordinates to draw lines and shapes. Also has codes for filling in of colors, animating objects, etc...

So challenging yet I love it since I'm learning something totally new to me... this is the start to PROGRAMMING!

Something I'd only learn in school.. which is the reason why i chose Interactive Media over other majors like Photography and VisCom - which could be pretty much self-taught to a certain extent.


Juicebox Camera!

These's must be the most adorable camera designs ever!

The idea is that people'll never know that you're holding a camera cos it looks just like a pack of fruitjuice. So awesome.

SGD68 each... Which is alright for something so cute i guess.

And you can supplement its use with a Solaris Film of ISO400 and above which will result in pictures with a different color tone.

However, my favourite Solaris gallery is from ISO100, for example, this gallery... which looks just like polaroids shots.

All the stuff are from Cat Socrates Shop. Though I can't be sure of how to order via online it since it looks like a relatively new website and even its 'About' section is not updated yet.

It's physical shop is at:


#03-39b Bras Basah Complex

231 Bain Street

Singapore 180231



12:00 pm - 8:00 pm daily


Interactive Media Homework + Sch

I've got a new blog to share stuff stuff that are inspiring which is part of my Interactive Media Workshop I homework. Link.

We were supposed to upload 2 entries per week to share stuff related to the subject.

So this particular tumblr blog of mine is more towards digital, high-techy stuff.

Maybe I'll upload robotic stuff for my other subject, Anthropomorphism & Behaviors in Machines there as well.

Interesting module which I'll have to create a 'robot' for grading.

Hardly any limitations set by the teacher so... I'll need to search and decide on a particular interest to base my robot on.

School's been slack so far, not much important assignments since we are still in the intro stage.

As for Game's Design Workshop, it is fun since we get to play Wii in the 2nd lesson though i wished the pace would be faster. Less theory more hands-on practice!

And we also have to come up with our own ideas for a platform game.

I'm taking up Marketing as an elective again~ seems easy enough since I've done it before.

Now I'll leave you with a non-naturalistic 'Priest King' sculpture from Asian Art History.

'Priest King' sculpture, Indus Valley Civilisation, Mohenjo-Daro, ca. 2500BC.
Image stolen without permission but duly credited from here.

How do you tell he is of royal importance?
  1. his trefoil robe- royalty wear
  2. headband- royal accessory
  3. downcast eyes- reflective, noble state
  4. armband- royal accessory
*I wished the lecture would be more interesting*


Heart Shaped Bokeh

Heart Shaped Bokeh
Heart Bokeh, originally uploaded by Arty Bug.

The hearts in the pic is a photography trick. *Winks!*

Not photoshopped!

Anyway it's a picture of the Singapore Flyer and all the light sources are turned into hearts.

Can only be done with a SLR/DSLR camera using a lens with high depth of field.

How to do it?

Firstly check this out and then thank me for sharing. Lol! Cos I'm simply thankful to my lovely friend who shared this with me.

And i dedicated the best, most romantic-looking heart-shaped bokeh to her for mentioning to me about this technique (although I had to do some research myself to find out how it's done).

It's some funky effect that you'll just love.


Painting by Mark Ryden

Girl In a Fur Skirt by Mark Ryden via here.

And you know how i just love such paintings. In case you haven't heard... I blogged this (post containing similar surreal illustrations) some time ago.

Check out his website ... I'm in love with the set, "The Snow Yak Show".

So beautiful.


My New Hall Room

My New Hall Room
Wall Clothes Hanger

This is where I am currently. New wall paintwork, wooden flooring, and furniture were installed to prepare for the very first Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

Still adapting to a new hall... just need time.

As for class today....

Playing monopoly for the first lesson of Game Design Workshop I is fun and helped my group to bond, but I'm hoping that it'll progress into something more practical and useful in future.

And there has to be a better system than having to 'bid' for the modules we'd like to have. It's stressful to do so and people miss out on lessons. We'd also have to settle for subjects we're not interested in to fill up the credit units for this semester since there are no more vacancies for highly sought after modules- like Website Design and Development (which i am awaiting the outcome of my appeal).

Wondering why can't everything be settled and finalised before school actually starts.

And my only friend from previous' semesters who was supposed to go into the same major as me had withdrawn from school =( She hasn't revealed the reason why tho'.

I'm off to a bumpy start and thinking that it could only get better.


Another Cycle

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer, originally uploaded by Arty Bug.

The long weekend was spent taking photos of the national day fireworks, trying out shaped bokehs (which turned out interesting enough!) and filming some of it.

Hope to squeeze in some time to post up the fireworks pics/vids I took cos I expect myself to be busy with school.

I've just moved into a new hall and is starting school... again~ Room furniture are new in purple matches my bedsheets-will take pics when i'm done unpacking. And the building is still undergoing renovations which will hopefully be completed soon. So currently my block doesn't have a pantry yet.

Nevertheless, seems like a nice place to live. My new roomie is nice too =)

I feel so lucky.

And another discovery of a great place to buy resources in Malaysia- Nilai 3 the wholesale place. For wedding gifts (hantaran), furnitures even in the marie antoinette style, chandeliers, carpets, grandfather clocks, etc.

The con: 3 hr ride from Singapore if traffic is good to ya. But it's worth the trip if you're buying lots of home decor.

*My dream home will have all white/ creamy pastel coloured walls and furniture with a few color accents from folk art detailing and flowers. <3*


Converting Jpeg image to vectors.

Doing this for the boyfriend to custom make a sticker for his new motorbike.

*Pukes blood* it's such a tedious process! And it's not even finished yet.

(C) ok =)
Using reference from this photograph of his Lazer Vertigo Samourai helmet:

Hot design ain't it?

I'm off to bed... Eyes are tired~


Pretty vintage pin-up illustration

Guess where I found this pretty pin-up illustration around the home? (Very vintage looking item which i stumbled upon.)

Click here for the answer.


Completed... Lens flare photoshop effect with added bokeh.

Added bokeh to the background and used a sweet purplish pink overall color tone. Didn't use liquify tool to change my face shape this time.

A lil' romantic isn't it? =)

Original pic in my previous

*Edit: And i made into an advert for my sales blog. Just a simple one...

Will be updating on the others or making more hats when i have the time... starting school next week and i have to prepare my stuff for moving into a new hall.

Anyway, I found a great variety of masquerade masks with lotsa feathers, glitters and other decor at a gift shop in Golden Landmark.

I was considering to buy it as a prop for fun since it was reasonably priced- less than $10 (just imagine a few pieces of feathers like that from spotlight costs more than the masks)... could just pluck the feathers from the masks and use them inste


The river was a mirror for the sun.

Elias Park River Reflections
Elias Park River Bridge
Elias Park Bridge
Elias Park Viewing Porch
The river was literally aquamarine... beautiful. Thus exploring the place was simply a natural instinct and I was filled with curiosity with this little eden-like housing estate around the river.

I could only imagine how it looks like in the sunset.

Wani if you're reading this, yes it was the day i visited your home last week =)

And also to those who read my entries, even though my blog is like a secluded little space, I do appreciate every sweet comment and visits. Thks!


Work in progress... Photoshop lens flare effect.



Lol! Check out my instant hair growth.

Things done: Hair, background, lens flare, saturation...
To do: More background tweaking, skin smoothing, burn tool, colour adjustments.

Why: I pretty much hate flash photography especially in the original pic because of the harsh shadow cast in the background. 'Straight on' flash just doesn't look good. So I'm trying to salvage a pic which I look decent in.

Was hoping that after photoshop, there seems to be something going on in the background as if i'm being lit from the back by car headlights or something. I think it'll be better than the obvious blank wall background in the original pic.

Oh yeah, I might as well just reveal it now that I've been making those tiny top hats, the strawberry-cupcake-coloured one I'm wearing in the pic. Lol! I have those in blue and black as well.... And I can't stop myself from making more in other colours and designs =)

They're so fun to look at and I try to design them according to the outfits that I have so they'll match better as a whole look!

And I'm planning to sell them at my old sales blog after having 'photoshoots' with them and see if anyone's interested.

Wish me luck!

*Please pardon my poor English if you see any mistakes. I'm really too tired to make it proper now. [yawnz]!*


Corel Painter Essentials 3 quickie

Just messing around.



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