Completed... Lens flare photoshop effect with added bokeh.

Added bokeh to the background and used a sweet purplish pink overall color tone. Didn't use liquify tool to change my face shape this time.

A lil' romantic isn't it? =)

Original pic in my previous

*Edit: And i made into an advert for my sales blog. Just a simple one...

Will be updating on the others or making more hats when i have the time... starting school next week and i have to prepare my stuff for moving into a new hall.

Anyway, I found a great variety of masquerade masks with lotsa feathers, glitters and other decor at a gift shop in Golden Landmark.

I was considering to buy it as a prop for fun since it was reasonably priced- less than $10 (just imagine a few pieces of feathers like that from spotlight costs more than the masks)... could just pluck the feathers from the masks and use them inste

pat  – (December 2, 2009 at 7:37 AM) have a nice blog.
I have a cyber friend from Malaysia...Tan Yisin. She does very nice art. Have you come across her in your blogging?

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