For My Mom

25.7cm x 36.4cm
Acrylic & pastels on canvas
Rough color mapping with soft pastels before painting over it.
She thought that I missed her so much and painted her because she was away for a few days. It's actually for her birthday.


Year of the Rabbit

Dwarf Rabbit
25.7cm x 36.4cm
Acrylic on canvas
This is the first time I tried painting on canvas as I managed to finally get my hands on a few. It was really fun dabbling with thick blobs of paints with a large brush onto the canvas without caring about the mess! Tinier details were added later on with a smaller brush.


Illustrators Drawing Illustrators

Mara Cespon Portrait(c) Sarah Zainal Abidin
Mara's blog is over at Go check it out!
Mixed Media
A3 Size

This is my entry for Travel Write Draw's 'Illustrators Drawing Illustrators Project' initiated and organised by the beautiful Meagan Morrison.

The portrait is of Mara Cespon, fashion illustrator, who blogs at I tried to capture her interest in Japanese fashion by making it look kawaii with the pose (one of my favourite pictures of her is the one where she was pouting). I'm kinda liking how it turns out. I hope Mara likes it too!

The very talented Veronika Horrocks will illustrate me and I'm so excited to see it. Also can't wait to see what others will come out with! Everyone will post their works on their respective blogs on 11th January, so watch out for their updates.

Thank you Meagan for organising this project!

Edit: This is a repost as I accidentally deleted the original post and the comments are ALL gone too! =(



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