{Request} Hello Kitty

Watercolor & Pencils.
A4 size.
A lil' something for a sweet lil' girl who wanted me to draw her a Hello Kitty.

She liked the rabbit I drew for her on her handmade birthday card. It was a pink watercolor rabbit and I attached a real satin ribbon bow around its neck. I was really happy to hear that she pasted it somewhere in her room and that she really treasured it.

I guess she's the inspiration for this work after all- her fascination with Hello Kitty, all the girly-ness and childlike imagination.


Illustrations for School

Character Designs
Sewing Room
Laundrette Street
The classic fairytale- Hansel & Gretel
Attempt at gradient mesh tool on Gretel's face.

It was a mad rush to create these works nearing their deadlines but it's what I enjoy doing. And honestly I'm thankful to the pressure as it's what makes me work hard- trying to beat the clock and squeezing all my creative juices in my brain and putting my drawing skills to the test, yet still learning new tricks.

It's my holidays now and one of my goals is to just keep drawing! So i have a new blog dedicated to drawing portraits simply using a ball-point pen at http://ballpointpenportraitsbysarah.blogspot.com/. The name's kinda long but it helps me to keep focus on its main purpose.

Anyway check out this cool initiative: http://travelwritedraw.blogspot.com/2010/12/illustrators-drawing-illustrators.html and participate. Deadline's TODAY- end of 28th December! The blog's seriously amazing too.



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