tragic fairytale in the making

"... just one look would capture his heart."

Working on adapting a fairytale... which doesn't end like how a fairytale should. *evil grins*


saying it out

it led me to the realization that i could have taken her for granted. have i? it was hard to remember her features. which part of her had i inherited? i wanted to use my own reflection as an easily accessible reference. after all i am from her. what i remember better is her spirit. my memory of her is beyond her appearance and that is what matters to me at least. indeed there's nothing like a mother's love. her strength, energy shaped a major part of my world and how i view it. yet i see her too as a human- the tribulations that i had seen her endure reveals a strong-willed woman whose energy transcends into my world. that was how i wanted to depict her. i see her colors as beautiful, passionate and cheerful overcoming the dark areas in her life. at times the darkness might engulf her but i always expect her to pull through whatever difficult situation. i was very much influenced by how an indonesian artist popular for his self portraits, affandi, viewed and portrayed himself as a spiritual entity represented by flows of energy.

the theme for drawing class today was "this is my mother" which i felt i had to find a deeper meaning rather than just a simple portrait of her. a mother is way more than her role in society of doing household chores, bearing babies and more than being a mother in itself.

i was peeling away the external layers to really search for the way i feel about her.

and here's a shot of yours truly- greasy back from school look with messed up hair and faded lips. and oooh my gold leaf earrings matches my handphone now!

warning post is about to get girly. retreat before any of you boys puke if you haven't already.

gave this 4 year old baby her third skin change. diy-ed with gold pixels and floral stickers. major attention seeking bling. whenever i whip it out well... you can imagine what people will say.

it's not entirely covered yet but the pink and gold seems to work well for me. disco days, pixel geek, feminine floral, classy gold- all these themes seem to be mixed into one.

price wise i got a really good deal. each patch of gold stickers bought at $2.50 and the floral ones were $1.90. so i've used up less than $6 worth of stickies for this phone. saw the same pixel stickers being sold at $9 per piece at a shop in Jurong Point which is more than 3 times the price of what i got them at.

and don't ask me where i got them. i basically raped the shop of these stickers and have none of the gold ones left i suppose... unless they're restocked- whereby i will selfishly rape them again of these goodies.

yup don't ask. lol.


musical eccentricity on canvas

Lamps placed lying down on the ground emphasized the highlights and shadows of the objects even more giving them a visibly higher contrast in light and dark areas. This gives the items a more dramatic look. Together with music that greatly influenced our emotions, our inner expressions were translated onto the canvas with swift strokes of charcoal, vivid smudging of poster colors and watercolor paints. Indeed the resulting style is freer, looser and more expressive i feel.

As the music played everyone dibbled and dabbled on the canvas following the rhythmic patterns, tension and changes in climax and lows which is further visually perpetrated by the nude model. He performed and danced emotionally as he lifted objects off the podium with grace, spinning, posing, even pounding a thick long stash of slender rattan sticks. Contemporarily straining and relaxing his muscles alternating between forceful and gentle movements.

The drawing class was quite a liberating experience. For once i got a taste of just letting go and not trying to perfect every line by fading away marks which i thought were mistakes. Mistakes? It's hard or even impossible to say what is a mistake if the intention is just to let loose and be free on the canvas.

Shot after the drawing class.

And oh yes... poladroids and such photo morphing applications are sometimes just means for me to make average pics look interesting and hide their mediocre quality by covering them in a visual blanket of vintage feel. (Gosh i hate trends. Now that everybody doing the same thing it makes something which is initially appealing just becomes annoying.)

Plus you can't really judge how horrible i look from a morphed picture can you?

Anyway... Have a fun weekend everyone!


still life class drawing

He sells seashells on the seashore.
Finally this week's lesson in advanced drawing workshop is something i could do and particularly liked... using a soft texture or feel in a drawing. What does that mean.. soft texture? I interpreted it as gentle strokes, light shadows and curved lines... AND making it pretty (even boys). Like deliberately feminizing his facial features into ambiguous androgyny.

A silly looking picture taken by my mischievous friend using her i-phone. Speaking of which, i got a good deal for an i-pod touch from my ex-roomie who's interning in Apple. So i won't consider getting an i-phone until they upgrade to a decent camera quality which was always the major turn off for me.


red dot design museum [Image Heavy]

I like the minimalist looking name on the front set on a loud fire-hydrant bright red color.
A group of artists drawing portraits of a couple. Good practice for the artists they say.
Would you like to be taken away on a soft feathery magic carpet? An installation of perforated plastic sheet spanning across the ceiling diffuses the spotlights. Soft and dreamy.

Kristall Chandelier
Manufacturer: LYX Furniture
In-house design: Jonas Wannfors
"...A Modern and elegant interpretation of a classic form of illumination."

Color changing LED Glass Bricks.

Tupperware installation art.

A cute stall in the museum.
Got to know about this exhibition through a friend who is involved with Gifted Artists Studio.
They exhibited the artworks done by their young students.
Oh a world of blocky headed people riding odd creatures would just be lovely.
War-Air Sea Land
Joanathan Lee 6yrs old

Purdy birdy.

*Updated my playlist to Soap Kills. The singer Yasmine Hamdan is now better known as Y.A.S.

The music is a total impediment to my productivity level.
So 'menghayalkan' but i can't stop listening to their chillout trip hop beats.
I'm addicted.


Painting On Wood

[Click pics for a sharper, bigger version]

The progress [click to biggify] :
Its a refreshing change to use wood as a medium as compared to working on paper. It presents different challenges as well as advantages like the natural grains which gives it a beautiful texture and warmth.

Just decided to try it out one day while i was at Art Friend and saw these wood planks of different shapes and sizes. Looking the those wood reminds me of the works of one of my favourite artists who paints brilliantly on wood. (Can you guess who it is?)

I used one of my own photo as a reference but exaggerated the eyes to make it bigger cos that's where i'd like the focus to be. I slowly built up on the colors yet allowing the beautiful texture of the wood grain to show through. Thus gradually the portrait will slowly emerge from the wood.

It's enjoyable to work on wood but my expenses are tight these days- especially felt it after the surgery. So who knows when the next one will be...

Oh well at least it helped me to lose weight cos i can only have liquid-ish stuff. Lost about 2-3kg in less than a week. Not that i wanna be thin (like who would want smaller boobs?) but on the bright side, it's a fun way to irritate my bf cos now i can call him Fatty without him throwing it back at me.

Very matured i know.



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