Work in progress... Photoshop lens flare effect.



Lol! Check out my instant hair growth.

Things done: Hair, background, lens flare, saturation...
To do: More background tweaking, skin smoothing, burn tool, colour adjustments.

Why: I pretty much hate flash photography especially in the original pic because of the harsh shadow cast in the background. 'Straight on' flash just doesn't look good. So I'm trying to salvage a pic which I look decent in.

Was hoping that after photoshop, there seems to be something going on in the background as if i'm being lit from the back by car headlights or something. I think it'll be better than the obvious blank wall background in the original pic.

Oh yeah, I might as well just reveal it now that I've been making those tiny top hats, the strawberry-cupcake-coloured one I'm wearing in the pic. Lol! I have those in blue and black as well.... And I can't stop myself from making more in other colours and designs =)

They're so fun to look at and I try to design them according to the outfits that I have so they'll match better as a whole look!

And I'm planning to sell them at my old sales blog after having 'photoshoots' with them and see if anyone's interested.

Wish me luck!

*Please pardon my poor English if you see any mistakes. I'm really too tired to make it proper now. [yawnz]!*

rev joe  – (August 31, 2009 at 10:02 PM)  

hi there. i was searching the web for interesting lens flare effects and saw your photo. am curious about the details of how you achieved this look. did you use a photo in the background? how did you approach the overlapping effect? curious designers want to know!

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