Ocre yellow Trench Coat

Watercolor and pencils on paper.

Limited myself to 4 colors- Vermilion, yellow ocre, pale orange and brown.

Liking how it turned out =)


Black Leather Pants

black leather pants
Color pencils & watercolors on paper.
210 x 297mm

Just satisfying the recent drawing thirsts. Not very confident about posting this up... but here it is anyway.



Color pencils on paper.
210 x 297 mm



Color pencil & digital edit.
Something for a friend's birthday.

Everyone keep asking me if it's hair or a scarf.  It's only her decision that matters.


My Brother's BIG DAY Photos (Image Heavy)

IMG_3642b copy

Photography: Yating Kee
Editing: Sarah ZA

Really love the photos taken by Yating!

My brother's gonna print out over a hundred of them he says.

I enjoy playing with Photoshop to change the colors and lighting. Sooo many effects that can be achieved that I can't decide on one style.

*more pics to come... maybe. lol. *


My Brother's BIG DAY!

My brother's BIG DAY

I'm so happy for the both of them *sniff sniff*.

They are such a beautiful couple aren't they? Really love their outfits. The first one is a traditional Malay outfit and after the solemnization they had an outfit change into a Western one which was even more gorgeous and dreamy.

The solemnization ceremony went smoothly at the new Al-Mawaddah Mosque. A pretty good and unique location for a nice small wedding- very convenient facilities and the air-conditioned 'pelamin' room is separated from the dining area by glass which is comfortable for the bride, groom and the guests too. Inside the attention is focused solely on the couple and the ceremony taking place.

They will be leaving for Canada soon. She will be taking a Degree and he will work to support her there too. I think they might be settling down over there if things go well.

May they have a lifetime of wedded bliss filled with joy in their new future together. Amin.

My poor lil' cat will miss him so badly! I know it cos she has a special attachment to him, always being extra affectionate towards him like following him around the house when he just woke up, licking and nibbling him the most amongst all of us and basically he's the only one she's the most obedient and 'talkative' to - maybe because he was the one who lured her home.

I'm looking forward to photos taken by a photographer friend of mine. Since I'm no pro, I mostly entrusted her to take more beautiful shots and those special moments that I missed. Even let her use my favourite 50mm lens. I believe she will make much better use of it than me cos it really captures excellent portraits. *Excited*

Have a great week ahead everyone =)



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