Skirts: Silhouettes and Cuts

Gathering ideas for a skirt. And these are some of the design I'm considering to sew for my dressmaking class. Will need to narrow down my choices!

Tulip Skirts.
These are tighter at the hems and more loose around the hips/waist. 
Paper Bag Waist.
Pleat folds that extends all the way to the top.

High Waisted Pencil Skirt.
A slim close fitting skirt.

High Waisted Pleated Flare Skirt
Looks cute, fun and casual.

Tiny Pleats, 
almost like gathers

Basically I really love high waisted skirts: 
And this is a collage I stumbled on while researching.

Fabric I'm going to use is this: turquoise n white polka-dotted fabric.

I thought that it'll be great for something vintage and fun looking. 
Also the commonly formal looking pencil skirt can also look cute if it's brightly colored with polka dots like this one from
Preferably I want 
  • something relatively simple to sew
  • highwaisted
  • above the knee hemline

I just can't decide on which design!
Which design do you think is nice / suits the fabric/ suits me?


Dine : Malaysia Trip


One of the places i ate in KL is Rebung Chef Ismail. I waited quite long for my food to arrive but it was well worth it. They were generous- lots of chicken, prawns, etc in my dish. The celebrity chef is really friendly and came out to greet all the guests too. When i saw him this phrase came to my mind, "Never trust a skinny chef."

Fat happy chef = Good food.

And the food there was GREAT...

Well have a great weekend everyone!


Scenes : Malaysia Trip

Finding the calm and balance.


Mushroom and Found Treasure

Interesting things come out of the funniest of places.

At first I thought this looks like a pretty nice shot of my lip color right? But then.. I noticed that my nose appeared a bit strange as though it's an alien-like being forming itself. 
I ended up with a cute mushroom cartoon =)

Anyway... What I have been up to recently is trying to fulfill my goal number 11 (in the column on the right). 

Good thing about a family that seldom cleans is... treasures pop up every now and then when I do.

Found this in the far corner of the storeroom. 

Above: My favorite part- the letters that will be 'punched' onto the ink ribbon which is then imprinted onto the paper when the key is pressed.
(Yes that's my feet. My hand couldn't reach the keys cos I was using prime lens and had to be quite a distance away. No disrespect to the typewriter.)

The mechanisms feels like a musical instrument with the way the hands of the typebars swinging according to the pressure put onto the keys.

It's so precious... so i chuck it back to the far corner of the storeroom again =)


Games Design Illustrations

Not your usual zombie! This is an Asian themed zombie game inspired by the hilarious movie "Mr Vampire".  

OK I don't know why it's not called Vampire Gaga instead but Zombie Gaga sounds catchier right? And no, it has NO relation to Lady Gaga. 

"Gaga' is supposed to be representative of one of the verbal commands used to control the zombies, among other sounds. We were actually playing around with Chinese dialect vulgarities and making them less... obvious *cheeky smile*. 

I don't know any Hokkien except for their vulgarities anyway. 

But over time we became more serious (and matured maybe) so the consonants were altered further to sound less crude.

Really had fun designing the landscapes, characters and the other game elements. My job was to be the illustrator and sound designer, while my group members did the animation and programming.

It was a highly ambitious project to be completed within a semester and sadly some of the designs were not put into use =(

However I am especially proud of my group mate who really did accomplished a lot on the programming side, considering she had no experience making a game in Adobe Flash... Zilch! 

So what was accomplished so far was quite impressive... Just to be able to control the character according to a particular key control sequence in-sync with a beat was exciting. 

Programming is not my thing but I just wished that it could be a fully functional game because it looks like it has a lot of potential to be really fun and engaging.


Waffle Face



We had fun.



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