Done Diddly-Doo

At long last! I'm here again! Just a quick update on a recent work I did for a flyer/banner ad. My friend is part of it's organizing committee so I helped them do up a design for the 'Fun Cycling at Kebun Baru' event. I pretty much like how it turned out. Let's just say, making things simple isn't as easy as it sounds. Well at least for me. Anyway here it is:

Obviously the elongated tail ends of the 'F' and 'C' that makes up the event name is extended to form a pathway for the cyclist. And everything is kept as minimal as possible as it works best that way to convey the simple message.

So yeah, if you happen to live in Kebun Baru, go ahead and join in the fun! I mean it's only freakin' $2, isn't that a great deal or what. Plus you'll get some free stuff like a tee and towel and a chance to win in a lucky draw. So there's no excuse to be a lazy!


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