Stop Live Skinning

I didn't know that it could even be possible that anyone could even think about skinning an animal alive for their fur.

Even more shockingly, from animals we love as pets such as cats, dogs, chinchillas, etc.

A friend even told me that she saw a youtube video of the skinning process- the animal was screaming throughout.

I just wanna raise this awareness on this issue that I myself wasn't aware of before.

It really makes me rethink about the every little product that uses fur... even those tiny little furry keychains makes me wonder about their origins or those fur linings around shoes, toys, etc because I definitely wouldn't want to be a contributer to this cruel practice.

And yes furs from live skinning are being used in these seemingly harmless products!

The message is simple:

If the demand stops, the supply will too. We DON'T need to buy fur products.

Visit Blog-A-Cause: Stop Live Skinning!

You can also put this badge on your blog.

It'll be great if you could spread the message too :) thx!

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