mini update & reveal

Hi it's me.

Just wanted to make a short little entry about what's been happening these days.

I'll start off with what I'm working on currently. Please pardon the bad image quality as they are taken straight off my 3mp camera phone.

I honestly did not intend to release these pictures before this work is completed but ... here they are. 

What I started working on 3 weeks ago.


I'm not so evil as to leave off his face like that of course.

Already completed his portrait WAY more than this... even an umbrella in the background.

Just that i haven't managed to upload the latest progress shots onto my com yet.

OK now what's holding me back?

I really wanna have a rose border kinda like a floral kind surrounding the portraits but somehow I just have fears of starting on it or some kind of hesitation.

NO IDEA WHY! Driving me nuts sometimes.

And before I start on putting colors on the portraits, I wanna finish the borders in black and white first so that I can get a sense of where and what colors I wanna put.

I have completed so much and he said that it already looks complete to him.

To me however, i still have that idea in my head as to how I want it to look like and til I achieve that, it just feels like something half done.

Need motivation.

Another thing that's holding me back, making me feel down these days... kinda an ironic thing. After getting a taste of having my own comfortable space at dorm, home does not feel homely. I wouldn't elaborate on the current situation now but really... it just makes me know that there is a better place for me out there- my own space.

This blog, unlike my previous ones at livejournal that could make the posts 'friends-only view', is not meant for me to vent out my frustrations so uh... I'll try to keep this short and this blog art/inspiration related. But right now I have minimal self-control. Lol.

Yes back to the painting- either I scrap that floral border idea or I'll just go ahead with the coloring. I'll try to start on the first option tho'.

Wish me.... luck?

Gosh this mini update turned out to be quite long.

Lol thanks for reading, if any of you actually did :)

pat  – (May 28, 2010 at 10:06 AM)  

Looks really good so far, Sarah...must be difficult to paint on the convex surface. Hope everything's going well....

Sarah Zainal Abidin  – (May 29, 2010 at 3:57 AM)  

Thanks Pat! Things are going great right now :) I'm always happy to receive a comment from you, very supportive and kind.

The surface posed some challenges indeed like playing tricks on my eyes! Have to constantly look at it from several angles so that it does not look distorted.

Usagi-Bot  – (June 12, 2010 at 10:36 AM)  

woww nice art :) are you very cuteee :)

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