red dot design museum [Image Heavy]

I like the minimalist looking name on the front set on a loud fire-hydrant bright red color.
A group of artists drawing portraits of a couple. Good practice for the artists they say.
Would you like to be taken away on a soft feathery magic carpet? An installation of perforated plastic sheet spanning across the ceiling diffuses the spotlights. Soft and dreamy.

Kristall Chandelier
Manufacturer: LYX Furniture
In-house design: Jonas Wannfors
"...A Modern and elegant interpretation of a classic form of illumination."

Color changing LED Glass Bricks.

Tupperware installation art.

A cute stall in the museum.
Got to know about this exhibition through a friend who is involved with Gifted Artists Studio.
They exhibited the artworks done by their young students.
Oh a world of blocky headed people riding odd creatures would just be lovely.
War-Air Sea Land
Joanathan Lee 6yrs old

Purdy birdy.

*Updated my playlist to Soap Kills. The singer Yasmine Hamdan is now better known as Y.A.S.

The music is a total impediment to my productivity level.
So 'menghayalkan' but i can't stop listening to their chillout trip hop beats.
I'm addicted.

lakhsmita indira  – (March 12, 2010 at 9:46 AM)  

some interesting pics you got here!
i like that purdy birdy, it's beautiful :))


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