Development of Poladroids Pictures!

Above: I made a Poladroid of a kawaii image i found today of Popteen magazine model Nana Suzuki.

I think i havent't posted pics of myself in ages because i dun have a reason to... Well now i do!

Poladroid is a cool application which turns your JPEG images into genuine looking polaroid effects. So you don't have to painstakingly to try and edit your normal pics using Photoshop by changing the contrast, brightness, saturation, yada yada yada... which in the end might not turn out looking like a polaroid in the end (trust me i've seen failed attempts by bloggers =p ).

Anyway check out the 3 sets of pictures below in the midst of processing. Yup the fascinating part of it is that u can actually save it while it's 'developing' and slowly see the image seeping through.

First set:
Me goofing around with my keychain taken by my MacBook's webcam.

Above: Not the final image but i like the effect here... just nice.

Second set:

Kinda emo-ing with my webcam. I usually find a coin when I'm having a bad day.

Above: Final development.

Last set: Me with pinky hair. I did try to shake the pics as it said that it'll make it develop faster. I think it works.

I think it does have a nice genuine vintage feel.

The application can definitely be explored further with other pics to give it an artistic feel.

Makes it so easy doesn't it?

Link to the free download:

Maju  – (December 4, 2009 at 11:26 PM)  

oh, I just adore this pics. Really great vintage effect.


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