Handphone Bling! A little bit of pink in everything is a good thing.

Left column: After decorating 
Right: Original phone photos from softpedia.com
[Click to enlarge pic.]

Details of studs.

Got a new battery for my handphone recently since the old one has totally died and bloated in shape- to the extent that it bents out the battery cover and everyone fears that one day it may just explode. 

Gave it a well needed facelift as well: masked with metallic studded stickers in silver and pink, nail ribbon stickers and half-pearl stickers. 

And oh yeah... THE big kawaii polka-dotted ribbon with jewel attached to it is specifically a handphone accessory. 

Only spent about SGD$10 for those decor. Each piece/set of sticker is $2 from... Daiso =) 

I have been using this phone for 2 and a half years now and still pretty much like it since it serves me well and I don't see the urge to purchase those gadgety Blackberry or Iphone... yet.

All I need in a phone right now are the basics- calls and SMS... And looks is a top priority too. 

Materials for girly lookin phone. Pretty!

And I've finished 3 sets of adorable handicrafts too. Feel like making more variety of them since they're so cute... Maybe I'll reveal it when a proper launch is ready- with nice pics and stuff ;)

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