"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."- Robert Louis Stevenson.

Some of the pics taken while in the car, along Malaysia's highway en route to Kelantan...

I have a lot of stories to tell as they say, "no vacations go unpunished," but I'll save it for one on ones.

It was an experience, driving at night on a foreign winding road with no street lamps, literally S-coursing all the way through a 'shortcut' across two areas... for 6+ hours out of the 18 hours drive home.

It took such a long time mainly because we missed the main highway twice =x

Not to mention having to dramatically swerve while traveling at 140km/hr (speeding I know but I think it's reasonable to reach home a.s.a.p. considering everyone is wearing out) to avoid a huge animal carcass covering the fast lane- probably a wild dog/pig/young cow.

Close shave.

Seriously, Singapore's roads are godsend as compared to what I experienced.

The trip was a test of reflexes, stamina and much , much more... I'm just saying it's not for the faint hearted.

My advice if you wanna travel up North is to stay in a night at an 'in betweener' for a well needed break.

For example for my past road trip to Langkawi (which was much further than Kelantan from Singapore) we stayed a night at Kuala Lumpur. And it was the best road trip I had.

OK I've ranted enough and on to the good points about the trip:

  1. The vast padi fields are beautiful in their green galore of colour. Totally scenic with blue skies above them.
  2. Saw lots of rambutans in their natural abundance- bright red, juicily ripe & plentiful on the trees along the highway. It's like "OMG they can have free food like anywhere," whereas here in Singapore, I believe it's illegal to pick fruits from trees, the most common ones I see are mangoes. Is it a wonder why they are so laid back? We are working for the basic necessity of food while they have it naturally.
  3. Land, Land and LAND. So much land! So much potential whereas here we have 'fake' reclaimed land expanding our coastlines and every area is well utilized or is undergoing development. Thus with an endless supply of land i guess there is a sense of taking it for granted- looking at all the dilapidated, ruined, abandoned houses, building, resorts, chalets that are forgotten... which I find also adds to the area's (mainly in Terengganu) rustic appeal.
  4. No more turtle appeal in Terengganu - which used to be the main tourist attraction there. Their eggs have been over-poached for selling and consumption purposes til the turtles' population has dwindled drastically and close to extinction. They are now a protected species. This is a negative point but i can't help it but add it to the list =P
  5. Malaysian call roti prata as roti chanai- small fact but important if you're lookin for breakfast =) Sometimes they don't even know what 'prata' is. But theirs tastes good too.
Ok this is an abrupt end to my entry regarding my trip... I'm off to watch a DVD- Gu Gu the Cat =)

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