Favourite Calendar Ideas: Super Unique & Creative!

It's time to look towards 2010! Just one more day!

Today I was looking for meaningful gift ideas and thought that a calendar would be great to give someone at this time to jump-start their 2010. So i did some research and came across several incredibly creative calendars.

My favourite finds:


Calendar & Flowerpot by NOTHING dESIGN GROUP.
It doubles up as a flowerpot where real flowers can be slot into it. Especially love the butterfly detail. And it has such a clean and simple look!

Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz.
There is a different ink color bottle for each month based on the perception of the weather like a "color temperature scale". The ink will reveal a number daily when absorbed. I think it's highly meaningful that this artistic calendar literally shows the passing of time.

Printable Cube Calendar by MilkBun.
Simply print, cut, glue & fold! Other cute designs such as bear, monkey, toki =) So adorable. The dates are meant for 2009 so you'll have to edit it a bit. These creatures will add some fun to any desktop.

4. A list of other cool calendar designs here such as a bubble wrap dates, matchstick calendars, shredder calendar, etc.

As to what I'll be making for some of my friends, I'm really drawn to the first design as it seems really doable. But I'll most probably add something like a post-it pad so that they can write stuff on it just to make it a lil' more functional and useful ;)

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