Today's Art- Watercolor Painting & Ink Sketches


Watercolor and ink on paper
A5 size

I spent the day trying to put to paper an image I had in my mind when I just woke up this morning. A thought or probably a dream. It's a little boy... who will mean a lot to me. The weather was chilly like it was about to rain thus the mood. And his back is faced towards us deliberately because I wouldn't know how his face will look like. The important thing is... I don't want him to be lonely.

Orchids on a Table
Ink sketch on paper

I'll probably add some subtle watercolor to the flowers. It's drawn in my bf's lovely home.

Sidenote: Black is in! Gonna stop bleaching my hair and let it grow out. It's because I could feel it growing out silky and dark which feels so much nicer to the touch as compared to damaged lighter colored hair.

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