Vintage Toy Patents

I find these vintage toy patent illustrations particularly charming (circa 1920s to 1950s).

More from Patent Room.

The cursive elegant handwriting, beautiful line work, shading, details and neat handwritten labeling makes these works look like an art piece in themselves.

Their lines are imperfect as compared to the capabilities of today's applications such as Adobe Illustrator in making line works which gives these drawings such an appeal.

With every design so clean and perfectly sleek today, there is a loss in a sense of personal touch.

Most artworks are digitalized and cold these days and I am guilty of it too.

I think it'll take good skills to revert to this kind of vintage illustrative look using the good ol' hand drawing tools.

However, I'm guessing that one way to make a vectored line look less perfect is by printing it out, photocopying it (probably low res and higher/lower contrast setting) and scanning it back into the com again to get the noise and grainy bits.

Or you could just slowly photoshop it to look as such which I haven't thought of a way of doing it.

These drawings seems to have a hand-drawn kind of personal touch. I love their off-white discolored background too.

Discovered them while trying to get inspiration for my 'robot'.

I'm using my marionette book to create a kind of interactive installation piece but the idea is still vague.

Will have to head down to Sim Lim Towers to search for gadgets and get more ideas.

Gotta make it work.

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