Butterfly T-Shirt Design for Hall 15

Above: More detailed 3D rendition of the 'butterfly' from the T-shirt design.

I painstakingly created the C-shaped lattices following the Hall 15 block structure to create a block of interlinked chains signifying a close-knit community of the residents.

The butterfly plays around the notion of being sociable, friendly, outgoing i.e. experimenting with the metaphor 'social butterfly'.

I'm not sure if the design will be finalized or I'd still have to make changes according to the block representative's opinions- like the colors, meaning , etc.

However several self-taught skills were attained while doing this such as learning how to use Adobe Illustrator (like finally~ took me forever to get the basics).

A superb tutorial for beginners in Adobe Illustrator is from Illustration Dan's Youtube Channel.

Through many experimentations of different techniques, I also discovered how warping latices together with the burn and dodge tool could give images a more 3D effect.

The reason i took up this challenge is because...

I'd love to see my design on a tee and see many people wearing it around Hall =)

That'll give me a great amount of satisfaction.

/\/\e/\/\/\/\a  – (September 12, 2009 at 2:04 PM)  

i like e 1st n 3rd design. woah adobe illustrator? itu bende susah giler la...knowing me, i jus gv up halfway hahahha...

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