Interactive Media Homework + Sch

I've got a new blog to share stuff stuff that are inspiring which is part of my Interactive Media Workshop I homework. Link.

We were supposed to upload 2 entries per week to share stuff related to the subject.

So this particular tumblr blog of mine is more towards digital, high-techy stuff.

Maybe I'll upload robotic stuff for my other subject, Anthropomorphism & Behaviors in Machines there as well.

Interesting module which I'll have to create a 'robot' for grading.

Hardly any limitations set by the teacher so... I'll need to search and decide on a particular interest to base my robot on.

School's been slack so far, not much important assignments since we are still in the intro stage.

As for Game's Design Workshop, it is fun since we get to play Wii in the 2nd lesson though i wished the pace would be faster. Less theory more hands-on practice!

And we also have to come up with our own ideas for a platform game.

I'm taking up Marketing as an elective again~ seems easy enough since I've done it before.

Now I'll leave you with a non-naturalistic 'Priest King' sculpture from Asian Art History.

'Priest King' sculpture, Indus Valley Civilisation, Mohenjo-Daro, ca. 2500BC.
Image stolen without permission but duly credited from here.

How do you tell he is of royal importance?
  1. his trefoil robe- royalty wear
  2. headband- royal accessory
  3. downcast eyes- reflective, noble state
  4. armband- royal accessory
*I wished the lecture would be more interesting*

Anonymous –   – (October 13, 2011 at 12:41 PM)  

Looks good doesn't he? He's sitting in my patio here in San Jose, CA.

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