Lovely DeArt Shop

Went to Causeway Point earlier this evening and saw a lovely shop filled with Victorian styled furniture, clocks, purses, teacup sets, etc- all eye candies! 

Photos credit to ~✽ Yen ♪ ✽~

I've been to my bf's friend's house which was fully decorated with such stuff, even the antique dial phones, clock, white cage and even their cutlery matches the theme. 

Pretty pretty quaint house decorated by his mom who is a designer- so i guess it's no wonder it everything looks well put together. 

It was a really interesting home to have visited for Hari Raya which stands out because it simply looks unique and has a strikingly strong theme just like this shop.  

Anyway, I've bought some fabrics and stuff today so I'll be working on some projects of my own.

If it does turn out successful, I'll update it here =)

PaprikaBenrik  – (July 14, 2009 at 2:27 PM)  

waht are u workin on? was e trip to chinatown? haiz.. too bad i missed it la.. i need to buy fabrics also..

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