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Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer, originally uploaded by Arty Bug.

The long weekend was spent taking photos of the national day fireworks, trying out shaped bokehs (which turned out interesting enough!) and filming some of it.

Hope to squeeze in some time to post up the fireworks pics/vids I took cos I expect myself to be busy with school.

I've just moved into a new hall and is starting school... again~ Room furniture are new in purple matches my bedsheets-will take pics when i'm done unpacking. And the building is still undergoing renovations which will hopefully be completed soon. So currently my block doesn't have a pantry yet.

Nevertheless, seems like a nice place to live. My new roomie is nice too =)

I feel so lucky.

And another discovery of a great place to buy resources in Malaysia- Nilai 3 the wholesale place. For wedding gifts (hantaran), furnitures even in the marie antoinette style, chandeliers, carpets, grandfather clocks, etc.

The con: 3 hr ride from Singapore if traffic is good to ya. But it's worth the trip if you're buying lots of home decor.

*My dream home will have all white/ creamy pastel coloured walls and furniture with a few color accents from folk art detailing and flowers. <3*

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