The Megapixels Race

" should not be fooled by the "more megapixels is better" mantra"- extracted from here

This advice came in just in time!

I was seriously considering to purchase a Samsung Pixon in Pink because it has an 8 megapixel camera... and because it's pink

Researched more on this phone about whether it takes good pictures and found out that it's good only for Macro shots, and sucks at taking landscape pics... Furthermore, being kiasu, I also thought of waiting for the next Samsung Pixon 12- 12 megapixels camera phone which will probably be available here in August.

I realised this: it doesn't mean that the higher the megapixels of the camera is, the nicer the photos will turn out :s Noise will still be a problem  if the right settings are not used.

I'm a dummy when it comes to photography and photog terms such as ISO speed, Aperture, Image sensor size, etc, but it's something I'm keen on learning about. Thus my exploration leads me to the tutorials on (I've linked some of their articles to the terms). 

It even got me to explore the settings of my current Kodak 6.1 megapixels cam even further and made some trial shots using different settings.

Taken with ISO 800, lowered the image size to 1.8MP.
Notice there are more details and noise in the shadow area at the top rows of the keyboard.

Taken at ISO 80, 6MP image size.
Less noise and darker shadows.

Changed the light balance setting to fluorescent and it gives a bluish tint and cooler temperature.

The camera also has settings of Burst, Exposure Metering, AF Control (Still) and Focus Zone- all I have never bothered to explore previously. I simply depended on the Auto mode all the time and wondered why my pictures suck and needed lotsa photoshopping =x

Just a lil more finger work and buttons do make a lot of difference.

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