Miss Potter

This was an inspiring movie, based on true life of artist, Beatrix Potter. She is the author and illustrator of the children's book of Peter Rabbit. Highly inspiring artworks which gives me a warm feeling when i look at them. Her life biography can be read here. Although she came from a rather affluent family, life and love wasn't easy for her due to pressures from her parents for her to wed to a suitor of high social status as well. The saddest part of the movie, which is also a turning point in her life was when her fiance, Norman Warne, died suddenly. This led her to find refuge and escape from her authoritative parents by buying over a charming countryside farm. The landscapes are simply beautiful and calm.

Taken from the movie, Miss Potter.

Links to a pubic domain of her books can be found here.

Well here are some illustrations by the artist.

Simply lovely aren't they?

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